Recent revelations in the unfolding case surrounding the alleged fraudulent activities of Akash Ashraf Bin Abdullah, a purported football agent, have brought forth compelling evidence. This evidence, including pictures, voice notes, translated payment receipts, and detailed information related to bank account transfers and Ria Money Transfer transactions, sheds light on the deceitful practices reportedly employed by Abdullah, prompting an urgent plea for comprehensive investigations from both law enforcement and the Malaysia Football Federation.

Substantial Evidence:

  1. Photographic Evidence: A collection of images documenting interactions, purported meetings, and documents exchanged between Abdullah and the victims.
  2. Voice Notes: Recorded conversations allegedly featuring Abdullah, outlining the terms and conditions of the proposed football placements, as well as discussions regarding monetary transactions.
  3. Translated Payment Receipts: Translated evidence of monetary transactions conducted by victims, highlighting the transfer of funds as purportedly requested by Abdullah for visa fees and other fictitious requirements.
  4. Correspondence Records: Extensive chat transcripts, detailing conversations between Abdullah and the victims, showcasing the progression of the alleged fraudulent activities from initial contact to financial transactions.
  5. Bank Account Details: Information related to the bank account used by Akash Ashraf Bin Abdullah to receive funds:
    • Bank Name: CIMB BANK BERHAD
    • Bank Address: No: 46 & 47, Jalan Temerloh, 28400 Mentakab, Pahang, Malaysia
    • Account Name: Akash Ashraf Bin Abdullah
    • Account Number: 760-744-16-29
    • Swift Code: CIBBMYKL
  6. Ria Money Transfer Details: Information used by Abdullah for Ria Money Transfer transactions:
    • Full Name: Akash Ashraf Bin Abdullah
    • Address: 31, Jalan 4, Taman Bukit Mentakab, 28400 Mentakab, Pahang, Malaysia
    • Phone Number: +60 16-500 5636
  7. Following the collection of funds by Akash Ashraf (Mr. Akash) from the victim, the subsequent action involves his wife reaching out to the victim, asserting that Akash is hospitalized. Supporting this claim, a picture is sent to the victim. Consequently, the victim encounters an inability to communicate with Akash online, as he proceeds to block any further contact..

The comprehensive evidence obtained provides a detailed overview of the alleged fraudulent tactics employed by Abdullah. The significance of this material underscores the urgent need for thorough investigations to ascertain the validity of the claims and hold those accountable for any wrongdoing.

Appeal for Investigations:

Given the substantial evidence available, both law enforcement authorities and the Malaysia Football Federation have been urgently requested to conduct in-depth inquiries into the matter. The gravity of the situation necessitates a prompt and transparent investigation to uncover the truth behind these allegations and deliver justice to the affected parties.

The collaborative efforts between regulatory bodies and law enforcement are essential to ensure a fair and meticulous examination of the evidence presented. The primary objective remains to uphold the integrity of the football industry and shield stakeholders from potential exploitation and financial loss.


The emergence of comprehensive evidence further accentuates the urgency for swift and thorough investigations into the alleged actions of Akash Ashraf Bin Abdullah. These investigations are pivotal not only for establishing accountability but also for fortifying trust and integrity within the realm of football.

As developments continue to transpire and evidence mounts, the pursuit of truth and justice remains the focal point. Stay tuned for further updates on this evolving situation.