In recent times, an alarming case has come to light involving an individual named Coleman Leslie, a self-proclaimed football agent and the alleged president of Jancole FC. This report sheds light on the fraudulent activities orchestrated by Leslie, who has purportedly deceived numerous individuals, primarily from Nigeria and Ghana, under the guise of offering football opportunities.

Coleman Leslie, a Ghanaian citizen, has reportedly been operating in the football scene for the past forty years, claiming to hold various prestigious positions, including the presidency of multiple football clubs. The most recent and concerning development is his alleged role as the president of Jancole FC.

Modus Operandi:
Leslie has adopted a sophisticated approach to carry out his fraudulent activities. He reportedly uses different international phone numbers to communicate with potential victims, creating an illusion of legitimacy. Under the pretense of offering football opportunities, he has managed to extract over $100,000 from victims, primarily from Nigeria and Ghana.

Victim Impact:
One of the victims, Oliver Africa, has come forward to expose the scam and raise awareness about Coleman Leslie’s deceptive practices. This report aims to shed light on the impact of such fraudulent schemes on individuals who are genuinely seeking football opportunities and to caution others against falling prey to similar scams.

Call for Action:
It is crucial to bring attention to this matter and warn individuals seeking football opportunities to exercise caution and conduct thorough due diligence. Authorities in Ghana, Nigeria, and international football organizations should be alerted to investigate Coleman Leslie and his purported role as the president of Jancole FC. Additionally, a collaborative effort is needed to trace and recover the funds that have been fraudulently obtained from victims.

The case of Coleman Leslie and the alleged football scam involving Jancole FC is a stark reminder of the risks individuals face in the pursuit of their football dreams. By exposing such fraudulent activities, we hope to protect aspiring footballers from falling victim to deceptive schemes and contribute to the dismantling of such networks that exploit the dreams of hopeful individuals.