Osaro INTL Football Academy (OFA) is a private Organization founded by Mr LUCKY OSARO GODWIN, dedicated to developing young football players from financially-challenged backgrounds through education and total football interest. Currently, funding for the academy comes from donations, families, friends and sponsors. Our goal is to be a self sufficient football academy in the coming years, and to achieve this, we have partnered with the Professional Football Scouts Association (PFSA).

The PFSA is the first and only registered and Recognized Professional Football Scouts Association worldwide. Their major goal is to promote good practice and raise standards from the grassroot level to professional football. In order to facilitate this, they collaborate with all governing bodies and professional and non-professional leagues.

At Osaro Football Academy, we provide accommodation for some of our players, depending on their age, distance from the training facility and value as a player. Our philosophy of treating everyone equally is of utmost importance, but we prioritize those players who have demonstrated natural, phenomenon and rare talents. With this in mind, we have crafted a player development model that allows the best players to practice, play and work with the best coaches and support staff.

Students are divided into two categories; the junior cadre consists of students aged 7-13 who combine academics with football, while the senior cadre is made up of students aged 13-17 who combine football with management courses and life skills. By providing a comprehensive and tailored football education, we are helping to shape the future of the sport.

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