Our Plans

What We have for the Future

We hope to create a network of football academies throughout the 36 states of Nigeria that are able to share the same passion, goals and beliefs as OFCA. The academies will have to prove that they are ready to search for the best and bring out the best in them while emphasizing on the need for education.

To achieve our goals, we have been able to develop different phases of action plans geared towards our overall vision. This Includes:

Recruitment of team of coaches and other support/technical staff

Scouting, selection and training of the best players to work with

Participation in competition and league with other successful academies

Develop talented football players

Develop business opportunities in order to be self sufficient

Setting of infrastructure that meets international football standards

Build Headquarter facilities

Train coaches and operators via the flagship academy

Establish more standardized, low cost OFCA franchise academies

Unite all academies in a network structure

With this plans being achieved before year 2022, OFCA will be able to provide pool of talents tor the domestic leagues as well as international leagues around the world.  OFCA is aimed to be the most productive football academy in Nigeria and Africa. Guaranteed