Terms and Conditions

1. Management Team: – Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Provides strategic leadership and oversees the overall direction of the academy.
Operations Manager: Manages day-to-day operations to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.
Finance Manager: Responsible for financial management, budgeting, and fiscal planning.
Human Resources Manager: Oversees staffing, training, and organizational development initiatives.

2. Coaching Staff: Head Coach: Leads the coaching staff, designs training programs, and oversees player development.
Assistant Coaches: Support the head coach in implementing training strategies and player mentorship.
Technical Staff: Specialists in various sports disciplines, providing expertise in skill development.

3. Support Staff:
Administrative Staff: Handles administrative functions including scheduling, communications, and record-keeping.
Facilities Management: Ensures optimal upkeep and maintenance of training facilities.
Medical Staff: Provides comprehensive medical support, including injury prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation services.



1. Admission Criteria:
Prospective students must meet specified age and skill level requirements, subject to evaluation by academy scouts.  Academic performance and character assessments may also be considered during the admission process.

2. Code of Conduct:
Students are expected to uphold a code of conduct that fosters integrity, respect, and sportsmanship at all times.
Any breaches of conduct are addressed promptly and in accordance with academy policies.

3. Training and Development:
Comprehensive training programs are tailored to each sport, focusing on technical proficiency, physical conditioning, and tactical awareness.
Emphasis is placed on holistic athlete development, encompassing mental resilience, leadership skills, and teamwork dynamics.

4. Academic Support:
– Academic enrichment programs are provided to ensure students achieve a balance between their athletic and educational pursuits.
Support services, such as tutoring and study resources, are available to help students excel academically.

5. Health and Safety
The academy prioritizes the health and safety of its students, implementing rigorous protocols for injury prevention, emergency response, and medical care.
– Nutritional guidance and restorative practices are integrated to optimize student well-being and performance.

6. Parental Involvement
Parents are valued partners in their child’s athletic and personal development journey, encouraged to actively engage with the academy through regular communication, meetings, and participation in events.
Transparent channels of communication are maintained to address parental inquiries, concerns, and feedback.